"The portrait is awesome!  I knew it the first time 

we saw it last week, and it brought Nebraszy to

tears.  My husband and have been standing in

front of it amazed, and very touched that you 

were able to capture the essence of our family.

Yes, our pets are a part of our family, and they 

will forever be with us because of your work

and attention to detail.  I especially want to thank

you for creating a forever memory for our “Biju”, 

who passed away in January.  

I can’t thank you enough.  Much love to you

and continued success with your work."  T.R.


My husband was simply delighted with the pet

portraits of our beloved Golden Retrievers I

surprised him with for Christmas.  You captured

more than just the image of the dogs; their

personality and spirit shine through the canvas. 

I cannot wait to have our cats done so that we

will have enduring reminders of our furry family

members.  Thank you so, so much for helping

me give my husband the perfect gift!"  

"Grace loved it!  It was her favorite Christmas

present and two of my neighbors cried when

 they saw it. It is so beautiful and it completes

our home. Thanks for working so hard on it in

 time for Christmas. Many of my friends have

inquired about you so I have been spreading

the word."


"Thank You Robin! We love his painting so much. 

Can't wait for you to paint Frida!"  Melissa

"The painting is perfect.  Your capture of his eyes 

is amazing.  Thank you."